Post Apocalyptic Eberron

Summary part 2:

June 2, 2009

The following is a summary of what happened over the last few sessions:

Your party (a.k.a., The Outsiders) met up with their old friend Jon the cleric of Pelor in Overlook and headed back to the portal to the shadowfell located under the Happy Beggar poorhouse. Luckily you did not have to fight the wraiths that killed the NPC Reniss when you entered the room with the portal. Gallindan figured out that the wraiths have to be released from the portal with a command phrase. Thus you entered the portal and ended up on the outskirts of the mercenary settlement of Umbraforge, which consists of an 80 foot tower, arcane foundary, several forges, markets, slave pens, mercenary camps, and training grounds. The population of Umbraforge is about 2000 (equivalent to a small town), and it consists of all sorts of different races including natives to the shadowfell like shadar-kai and dark ones, and also orcs, goblinoids, kobolds, ogres, trolls, lizardfolk, and a dozen other monstrous races of the world. As you started to sneak down to get a better look you were accosted by some dark one guards on patrol and they assumed that you were mercenaries from the camp and warned you not to leave the camp again or next time you would be attacked. So you guys walked into Umbraforge and started to inquire about Modra and Umbraforge. After a while, and a few combat encounters, you discovered that Umbraforge is ruled by a shadar-kai name Sarshan, who sells arms, mercenaries, and is in the process of creating beasts and humanoids infused with arcane power from the shadowfell and elemental chaos. Sarshan resides in the tower with his shadar-kai and dark one personal guards. Apparently, Modra was working for Sarshan and betrayed him. Sarshan turned down a deal with Tusk to sell arms and information about the passages under Bordrin’s Watch. Modra sold Tusk the arms and info anyway and Sarshan is looking to kill him in revenge. You also discovered that Modra is planning to sabotage the foundry in the hopes that it will cause a big explosion and destroy the tower killing Sarshan. Therefore, you guys went to the foundry and surprised Modra in the process of sabotaging it. Modra released a huge death boar from a vat and then Modra and his shadowgoblin minions attacked. The party had a slow start, but quickly dispatched the minions and then Modra. The best part of the whole encounter was when the death boar charged at Jon, jumped over a stream of hot lava, and tried to bull rush him (Jon was on the edge of the other side of the lava stream). Jon, the 170 pound (and not very strong) cleric of Pelor was inspired by his god and a surge of strength allowed him to push the boar into the lava stream! Roast pig anyone? His new nickname is “wrestles with pigs” (Kevin Costner would be so proud), lol. After the combat you guys took Modra’s head to the tower and met Sarshan who was happy and asked you to join his mercenaries. You declined, but asked for safe passage back to Overlook. Sarshan said you could leave, and that was the end of the session.



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